Does Changing Blogger Theme Affect SEO and Traffic?

When we answer this question, we need to know the features of the theme we will change.

So, when you change the theme, what you need to think about is that the new theme looks good compared to the old one, but is technically good? If it is good, it can affect the SEO positively. How do we know that a theme is technically alright for SEO? Here are some points that we need to know below;

  • Html5 themes have positive features both in terms of user convenience and clean code both in terms of software and SEO. Prefer html5 themes.
  • I would recommend using unity css3 style with html5.
  • One of the most important issues is that the page is responsive. The higher your mobile compatibility, the more advantage you will have in terms of SEO.
  • Highly preferred themes (no mistakes) are like spam. So I would recommend you customize them according to your own needs.

If your new paid blogger themes is better than the old one in terms of features that I talked about above, then this will affect your site’s SEO success.

There are theme options that will influence your site’s traffic positively. The theme is one of the most important tasks to be done carefully. Before you add the theme to your site, you should pay attention to the relevance of the theme to your site content. Compatibility is the most important thing when you decide to change your existing theme. Otherwise, the theme you selected may cause your users to lose interest to your site, which may go as far as the existing trafficking is gone. But if you choose your theme on a clever and careful basis, you can increase your site’s appeal and make the existing traffic even more.

The right theme for your site will be effective in increasing your site’s ranking while at the same time influencing SEO and traffic positively.

If you choose a theme that is not suitable for your blog site, this will cause you to get stuck in the scoring in the future.

A good theme always increases your existing quality. All you need to notice is to combine the right theme with the right content to increase the attention of users and to be proud of the new state of your blog afterwards.

But DO NOT forget! Not all themes effects your site in a good way, that is all on you. Make the right decision always.